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Roscioli Caffè

The Roscioli Caffe is located in the city centre of Rome. It is the first built project for the Roscioli family – internationally well known for their bakery and restaurant.

In the centre of Rome, ground and basement floor layouts can rarely be modified, hence the pre-existing condition and spatial disposition sets the base of the project. The project is that of a traditional caffe-patisserie with a space for aperitivo and dine-in. Furthermore, the layout accommodates a kitchen and services both for public and staff. Due to the structural limitations of the existing condition, the project is conceived as a sequence of atmospheres: a first room filled with light and life, a dark and mysterious transitional space, and a second room austere and calm, with golden brown nuances. The first room – visually and physically connected with the street- is devoted to the coffee and pastry degustation. The long display counter in stone – hammered and flamed- is the essence of this space: the traditional Italian bancone for the caffe and cornetto breakfast. Together, the materiality of the walls, the corner details in stone, and the counter aim to create a dialogue with the outdoor patina of the city. The second space is devoted to the Italian aperitivo and degustation/fine dining. The street buzz is away. With no natural light, the atmosphere is dark yet warm due to the use of timber, artisanal cotto tiles, stone, and a scenic light set. The imposing central table is suspended on a wooden column offering either conviviality or intimacy. At the end of the table hides another bancone for the drinks preparation. The bar tender becomes an active part of the gastronomic experience, interacting with the customers and offering the spectacle of the cocktail preparation. A black transitional space links the two rooms. It accommodates the staircase that leads to the basement hosting services and changing rooms for the staff.