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SLSC Tower Cottesloe

The watchtower is conceived as a slender, ephemeral device to frame the ocean, the coast, the light and the landscape. A simple yet iconic light-frame that embodies the essential character of Cottesloe beach. A sophisticated transparent scaffold permeable to views, air and light, which provides decking viewing platforms, storage racks, holds the surveillance cabin and works as a ‘plug-in’ structure to engage with visual and display aspects of its beach setting. This open light-frame responds to the needs required by the brief, while challenging the watchtower’s archetype form (poles, cabin, and roof) by creating a new open typology that is adaptable and flexible. The ephemeral structure can be ‘dressed’ for different occasions and become a symbol of the various community events that characterize this beach, thus connecting, visually and metaphorically, the SLSC coast guard activity to the lifestyle of the wider community. A tower that is iconic without intruding.