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Enclosed House II

“Space is made manifest by rhythmic progressions that create a sense of movement and by tensioned relationships of defining forms.”

“The meeting of architecture and nature is the key to spatial expression… integral use of natural finishes and texture… the expression of space as one and continuous was by indication of ordered movement from interior to exterior. “

“Within the broad structural outline of space the additional elements of architecture create in their own sub-relationships an interplay, an in-and-out movement of rectangular rhythms that enriches and gives added depth to the space. Moreover, their asymmetry implies relationships beyond themselves – they seem to be infinitely extendable thus suggesting the extension of space.”


Form and Space of Japanese Architecture by Norman F. Carver Jr, 1955.

Enclosed House II

Enclosed House II

Claremont, Western Australia, Private House, 350 sqm

2018 - On going